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Clark's Toyota Triton Triathlon

Event date: 
Mon, 2014-05-19 08:30 - 13:00

3rd Annual Clark Toyota Triton Triathlon
Host:  Athena Consolidated School
Credit Union Place Summerside
Monday, May 19, 2014

All PEI students in Grades 7-12 are welcomed to take part in the only student triathlon on PEI.  Students will get the chance to swim, bike, run, and experience one of the fastest growing sports in North America.

8:30 - 9:15am Transition Area opens for student-athletes.
8:30 - 9:20am - Registration - Pool Deck
9:30 - 9:45am  - Pre-Race Meeting
10:00am          - 1st Wave begins in the pool
(10:15am - 2nd Wave & every 15-minutes)

Senior:  swim - 300m   / bike  - 12km   / run - 3.6km
Midget:  swim - 250m  /  bike -  8.8km /  run - 2.4km
Bantam: swim - 200m  /  bike - 8.8km  /  run - 1.2km

Please recognize that this is not a Competition (No Awards) The objective is in providing participants an opportunity to experience something new and for the pure joy of participation in sport.  It is simply . . . Participant verses the Course . . . the intrinsic reward of participating in a Triathlon.  Participants will be timed for personal reasons, but no final times or finish order will be made public.

Participating Schools are asked to Pre-register by May 2nd to C.J. Studer.

Contact:  CJ Studer - Athena Consolidated
 Coaches Information:
Thanks again for taking part in The Triton! Welcome to all the new schools who are participating for the first time, and welcome back to those who took part last year!

Here is some information that you will need to pass on to your coaches and students:

1. Attached is the start times for each student along with their tri#.
    (ex: A tri# of B4-3 signifies that the student is Bantam, in the 4th wave start, and is in the second lane ... 2 per lane)

2. A wave goes every 15 minutes (starting at 10am and the last wave starting at 11:45)
If a student can not complete their swim distance in 15 minutes, they will be asked to finish the lap they are on and move 
on to the bike section.  They can swim 25 meters, stop and rest, turn around and repeat.  They may not walk on the bottom
or pull along the ropes/sides.  Swim goggles are not required, but recommended.

3. Also attached is an insurance form given to us by TriPEI.  The students need to fill out only Section 1 on the front and the waiver sections on the back.  This MUST be handed in during registration.  If you do not have it or can't open it, let me know ASAP and I'll send it out!
4a. The bike section of the course has changed since previous triathlons. It will now leave the pool, proceed down Rufus Street and jump onto the boardwalk.  They will travel down the boardwalk until the get to Mackenzie Drive where we will have closed loop. (See the map which will be e-mailed separately).  Bantam and Midget loop once, seniors loop twice. A helmet is MANDATORY!  No helmet - No Race!  There will also be a bike mechanic at the event. His job is not to repair bikes, but to advise Cheryl or myself if a bike is trail worthy or not.  He may help inflate a tire or tighten a chain, but no major fixes.  If I feel the bike is not safe and could cause injury to the student or others, I will not permit that student to participate.
4b. The run section has also been changed.  They leave the transition area (front of Credit Union Place), run along Notre Dame Street, turn left on Northumberland Rd., and continue up until their designated turn arounds.  Bantam turn around by Elm Street school, Midget and Senior turn around on the Confed Trail.  They them return along the same route and finish at the Credit Union Place.
4c.  Because of these changes, it makes the event look and feel like a true triathlon, HOWEVER, it is no longer viewer friendly.  There is no one spot to stand to see the whole course.  Please advise parents that most of the action occurs in the transition area and that will most likely be the best spot to take pictures.
5.  We will not be providing water during the bike section of the event.  There will be water on the running course, however.

6. Please remind your students that this is Canada in May.  They will be soaking wet while biking, and the weather may or may not cooperate with us.  They are allowed to wear as much clothing as needed to keep themselves comfortable.  Stating that, there is only so much room in the transition area.  We are permitting each student to bring a bin the size of a milk crate to store their necessary clothes.  On the flipside, if the weather is warm, the students must still wear a top (shirt or tank top - one piece female bathing suit is ok - bikini top is NOT) during the bike and run sections.

7. When the students register, they will bring in their signed TriPEI insurance form. $5 of that $10 goes towards insurance, while the rest is for the pool, first aid, and shirts.  Once they have registered, the student will get a swim cap (must be worn), and a Tri# written on their arm and leg.  Once they finish the event, we will give them a Triton shirt.
8. Since all items are already ordered, if an athlete does not show up, the $10 is still owed.

9.  Time Schedule for Monday, May 19 (May Long weekend) -
6:30 - Volunteers arrive for set-up.

8:30 - 9:15am Transition Area opens for students to place their bikes in the assigned racks
                      (Cheryl Tanton will inform the students of where to go in the Transition Area)

8:30 - 9:20am - Registration is open by the pool.  Must have insurance form.

9:30 - 9:45am  - Pre-race meeting on the pool deck.  Familiarize participants on course and answer final questions.

10:00am          - 1st Wave begins in the pool
10:15am          - 2nd Wave
11:45pm          - 8th and final Wave starts

10.  To keep everyone's belongings safe, students will not be allowed to take their bikes and transition area things home until the event is over.  We can not have students entering the transition area to get their belongings while others are trying to get in and out as fast as possible during their race.  Therefore, bikes can not be picked up until approx. 1:30pm (or when the last student finishes).

11. A reminder of distances:

Senior:  swim - 300m   / bike  - 14km   / run - 2.7km
Midget:  swim - 250m  /  bike -  10km /  run - 2.7km
Bantam: swim - 200m  /  bike - 10km  /  run - 1.5km

13. Parents are allowed to be on the pool deck (remove shoes) to watch their children and in designated areas on the course.  Please have the students remind their parents to observe the parent sections of the course so not to get in the way of the other participants.

14. Student requirements:   swimsuit/shorts, a top for run and bike, working bike, helmet, signed insurance form    
     Student recommendations:  goggles, water for bike, proper running shoes, warm clothes, a SMILE!
15. In case of inclement weather, listen to Hot 105.5 for cancellations.  HOWEVER, the only thing that is going to stop us is a freak snow blizzard and lightning.  Rain, a bit of snow, or the cold will not stop us.  The athletes need to know that and to dress accordingly.
And FINALLY ... 16 - THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!  There are no winners or losers, no banners or trophies!  This is for the pure fun of participating in sport!  The kids will be timed just so they have an idea of how they did.  The times will not be posted to the media or on the PEISAA website.  I am trying get as many students involved as possible and I do not want them to be compared.  I just want them to enjoy the day and experience a triathlon for the intrinsic rewards of participating!
I hope that is all for now.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!  Cross your fingers for a sunny and warm day!